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Old news


  New concert dates online! Feels good to be back on the road! Hope to see you soon.

  One love x


  New records with Condor Gruppe & Leki coming up in 2021!

  Check my new videoclip here & newspaper article here. Hope to see you soon!


  Check out my interview and live performance at Radio 1 here.

  Check out press for more articles and reviews.


  I have played more than 120 concerts in 2018...  What a year! Thank you all for the good times!

  Check out new concert dates for gigs with Roland Van Campenhout, Condor Gruppe, Sixties & more!


  Check out my Blind Jam @ TV with Deus guitarist Bruno.

  Check out my new project SARGAM. & upcoming gigs with bands such as Condor Gruppe.


 Read interview by Luminous Dash here .

 Keep an eye on concerts & projects. A lot of exciting stuff coming up soon!


  I'm back from India. 216 was great! I have played more than 80 concerts in different countries.

This year my main focus will be practising and studying sitar. 


  Today I am flying to India. I am going to study with Shakir Khan. 

  Have a great winter! 


  In August I will be touring in Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium!

  Have a great summer!


  I am very excited to announce some new projects:

  NadaTrio & Samyama Trance Orchestra !

  Please check concerts & bands for more info.



  Today I will play a John Lennon Tribute @ Roma with Jean Bosco Safari, Ben Crabbé & more... 



  Today I have the honour to play with Jean Bosco Safari & friends @ the wonderful event 'Yoga for the people' @ het

  Sportpaleis !



  Namasté, I had a great summer tour so far! 

  And I am really looking forward to all the moments that are yet to come.

  New concert dates and pictures online...

  Much love


* 11.03.2015


   I'm back from India and I am ready to rock!

   Check out concerts for the tour dates and media for some new videos/pictures. 

   Much love to you all. 


* 29.11.2014


   The soundhealing project with Maarten Adriaenssens has got a name: SANKALPA !

   We will release our first CD "The Great Mystery" in December 2014. Releaseconcert on 27 December in Antwerp. Go to media to listen    and buy the album. Leki will release her album "The Journey" in December. I will perform with her on 18, 19 & 21 December. In

   January and February I will be in India with my guru. Much love to you all.


* 15.10.2014


    Last two months I've been recording soundhealing album with Maarten Adriaenssens @ the studio of Tikki Masala. It will be titled

    'The five elements'. The release and a small tour will follow in december.  Also the CD release of 'The Journey' from Leki will be

     in december. 

     My guru, Pandit Shivnath Mishra, is coming to Belgium! From 20 till 30 october I will tour with them trough Belgium and Holland.

     Aura Rascon from Mexico will play in the starting program. Please check concerts for the dates. Hope to see you at one of the

    shows!  Love


* 17.08.2014


   This week I have been recording in studio DaDa with an amazing powerfull sister... Karoline 'Leki' Kamosi.

    I play sitar on 2 songs of her upcoming album 'The Journey'. It will be out in november!

    Many more concerts coming up such as The Dukes of Wonderland @ Grote Markt in Antwerp and sitarconcert with Sattar Khan @         mainstage of Gitannekesfoor Festival! Bless you all!


* 21.07.2014


   This sunday I will play a sitarconcert with Sattar Khan (tabla) and Wahid Khan (harmonium, vocal) in Antwerp. 

   Check concerts for more info. Much love to everyone!


* 20.06.2014

   This evening I play a sitarconcert @ Tutti Fratelli with ClarOscuro. 

   Check concerts for more info. 


* 08.05.2014

   Bon Giorno!

   Wednesday (14/05) I will play a sitarconcert at the oldest independent radiostation of Belgium: Radio Scorpio! I will also talk about        Indian classical music and we will listen to some great sitar artists. 

   So put your radio on 106FM at 5 pm.  See ya!


* 01.04.2014


    After a deep - india, sitar & vipassana - retreat I'm back in Belgium and fullfilled with love and gratitude.

    In the near future I will work on a few different projects and concerts.

    More info soon!


* 05.12.2013


   Last months I had a few nice concerts and a great tour with Music of Benares.

   Please check my last events for the year 2013.

   In january, february and march I will be in India to study some more sitar with my guru.

   Love to you all!



* 14.09.2013

    Today I will play percussion with an impro jazz band at MM-Fest! All the profit goes to projects in Tibet, India and Peru. 



* 13.09.2013

   Today I started an intensive soundhealing course with Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum. I am very greatfull to have the

   opportunity to study with them.


   New concerts updated!



* 07.09.2013

   Today I will play a sitarconcert at the wonderfull festival gitannekesfoor!



* 06.05.2013

    Website updated!




   Today I will play a soundhealing concert with Maarten Adriaenssen at the Tribes Gathering Festival!

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