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'Elektronik interpretations of oriental inspirations' by Merdan Taplak Orkestar

Released in 2023

'TELEMA' by Leki

Released in 2023

Starsky Records

condor plaat.jpg

'Gulliver' by Condor Gruppe

Released in 2022

Sdban Records


Dijf Sanders: Puja (Unday Records)

Released in 2020

Recorded @ GAM studios


Munay Mani

Released in 2020

Recorded @ Studiopyramide


Sacred Sound Oracle by Valerie Van Roey

Released & recorded in 2020

New Leki EP is out today!_Playing sitar

Leki: Tales from the Journey Part 2

Released in 2019

Recorded @ Dada Studios, Brussels


SARGAM. : demo

Released in 2019

Recorderd & mixed @ studio 51, Antwerp

Mastered @ Motor Music

Condor Gruppe: Interplanetary Travels

Released in 2018

Recorded at TBM Studios

Changes by Ludoviq

Sitar on The reminiscence

Released in 2018

Recorded at GnG Recordings in Antwerp, Belgium.

Shanti shanti by Boatman

Released in 2018 @ All Day I Dream

Recorded in 2015 at home studio in Antwerp, Belgium.

Harmony of the Heart by Nicolas Michel

Released in 2015 (Japan)

Recorded at studio Piste  Rouge in Brussel, Belgium.

Sankapla: The Great Mystery

Released in 2014 (Masala Records)

All music is recorded, mixed and masterd at studio Tikki Masala in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Leki: The Journey - part 1 -

Released in 2014

Recorded at Dada Studio in Brussels, Belgium.  

Sitar on 'Breathe' & 'Play'

Tikki Masala: Samadhi

Released in 2014

All music is mixed and masterd at studio Tikki Masala in Antwerp, Belgium.

Condos: Mijn boerengat

Released in 2013

All music recorderd, mixed and masterd at studio Trix in Antwerp, Belgium.

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